Maybe she murdered them. 
Maybe not. 

Maybe she should go to prison. Maybe not. 

Maybe they want to kill her. Maybe not. 

Maybe she's human...

In the future the world is dominated by gigantic mega corporations that rule the markets like high tech feudal kingdoms. 

The only protection humanity has against the whims and machinations of the Megas is the Human/Corporate Advocacy, the HCA. 

Of the HCA's many agents, Tim Cross is one of the best. Smart, shrewd, incisive, he's a man cut from a cloth woven in a bygone era- an old-school private dick, forced to live in a pristine, almost antiseptic future.

When the teenaged murder suspect Cross has been assigned to protect turns out to be more than anybody expected, what follows is a high-speed, high casualty race to solve the mystery of the girl before the powerful forces out to kill her get their wish.

Part Four: The Thing About Science

The serial novel continues as Cross and his new allies learn more about his client's condition and why she's been targeted.  ON SALE HERE


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